House Cleaning – an Art Form Blended with Professional Skills

Oct 19, 2020 House Cleaning

For those who are not experienced in the Dark Arts of professional Cleaning – do not despair. Cleaning your home is not that difficult a chore and not at all boring. Depends on the type of music you have in your headphones while vacuuming, dusting and polishing your floors and surfaces.

Hi, I am Brian and I am a professional cleaner in the commercial soft services industry. I have been around the block since the time of the ugly tin-box-like carpet cleaning extracting machines with a single vac motor. Them were brilliant times though. I reminisce about the proper elbow grease and bare basics required to do the cleaner’s job.

I intend on sharing a ton of life experiences in the form of blog posts and I will try to make them as fun as possible.

Here we go.



P.S. I found this great video on YouTube. Have a look and let me know what you think in a message from our website. Thank you.

By Lari

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